Real Estate by auction


INCOS offers a range of real supportive activities to buy real estate by auction in Frankfurt am Main and its neighbourhood that non-German speaking people cannot found elsewhere. In comparison with international real estate agencies, estate departments of bank, mediation companies and private people, who charge customers just for intermediation and connection with seller, our company provides real, effective and individual services. We develop our relationship with private customers from "Ausland" on the distinctive opportunity and "tangible" help to purchase cheap, safe and easy houses, apartments, and living and office buildings as well as land property in Germany.

INCOS' practical assistance lies in 3 major areas:

1) Intermediation;

2) Consulting;

3) Assistance.

For more information please contact INCOS.

In the field of Intermediation, our customers get access to reliable, exclusive and first-hand information database of numerous objects to be sold by auction in Frankfurt am Main and county courts located in proximity of 50-60 km in federal states Hessen, Bayern and Rheinland-Pfalz. INCOS offers a comprehensive catalogue with primary information, descriptive exposes and extensive expertise reports of all types of houses, apartments, office buildings and land that each foreigner can purchase by auction directly from the court.

We bring court announcements, that foreigners otherwise cannot have access to, about compulsory auction of hundreds of developed and undeveloped properties to be sold by the court to half price or less.


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