INCOS was founded in 2007 recently establishing its new branch in Germany. The company has proved over the years to be a trustful, competent and reliable partner on the real estate market in Israel, the U.S. and the Czech Republic. It provides private persons with services of intermediation, consulting and assistance in purchasing real property. The company offers in addition a full support package in the area of post-purchase arrangements, sale and rent of real estate. INCOS is further focused on assistance in complementary fields such as: credit allocation, judicial consulting, and assistance in preparation of documents as well as insurance and guarantee letters.

In Germany INCOS' expert team has gained the momentum for enormous opportunities and advantages of buying real estate by auction in particular and chances of the whole market in general. Our company is the only one to bring to foreign private customers the real estate auction market of Germany and, especially, of the financial and stock market centre Frankfurt am Main, where INCOS has its headquarter. Through judicial, financial and expertise consultancy as well as linguistic and instruction assistance before and during the auction date, only INCOS connects foreigners to buy real property by auction directly from the court in Germany and under the rule of law.

INCOS gives outsiders the exclusive opportunity to invest without risk and speculations of intermediaries and under the market price houses, apartments and land in Frankfurt am Main and its neighbourhood where local branches of major banks, insurance and HI-Tech companies are concentrated. Our team assists you to buy here property 50% and even cheaper than the real price, safer and reliable as you buy straight from the court and easier and faster than through international agents or unprofessional private search.

INCOS' helps private clients buying real property in Germany under the market price and without commission charges for intermediation only as all international real estate agencies do. Furthermore, the price on real property has been continuously dropping over the last 5 years being right now on its lowest point. According to specialists it is going to rise up to 30% in the next 3 years. Indeed buying a house in Frankfurt am Main is a profitable and absolutely secure investment. All companies rent living spaces for their employees in and outside Frankfurt/Main what considerably increases the price of the real estate even in the most remote and unpretentious quarters of the city.

INCOS is proud to rely on a rich business experience, expertise and know-how in the area of intermediation, consultancy and assistance in purchasing real property. The company enjoys the confidence and gratification of thousands of satisfied customers whom we helped making a real money-making investment or having an affordable house at the heart of Europe. Our expert and ambitious team has been able to affirm itself on the real estate market nd ensure you that we will continuously grow as companionship setting for us new goals. Perceiving it as our mission, we are constantly engaged to bring you the best investment opportunities to fulfil your needs.