Incos Group will assist all customers who will bid in the auction to get a very advantageous financing plan before and after the auction. The financing of the property from auction for the clients of Incos Group is very easy because our company has reliable connections with financing institutions working with more than 50 banks in Germany.

Any customer with real intention to purchase real estate by auction through our company can receive a personal financing plan even before the auction bidding session.

This will include an individual detailed mortgage offer on the volume of mortgage, own capital requirement, interest rate and credit period. In general, the banks we work with may give up to 80% of the purchasing price and leave the customer pay just the interest for at least 10 years. It will give our client the possibility to be able to pay the monthly payment and get a good net income after renting the house or the apartment.





No Type of Object Location Number of rooms Price
1 Flat Oberliederbach 2 100,000


Total Price 100,000
Bid 50% + Taxes 50,000
(3,5% acquisintion tax + munc. tax)
Own Capital
(Bank Deposit 10% + *)
Credit (80%)* 40,000
Interest 5% p.a.
Duration of Credit 10 years
Monthly Bank Payment 180

*The credit volume is subject to bank regulation


500 € rent - 180 € month bank pay. = 320 € net income


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that that we do not provide financial consulting. Incos Group will kindly assist you in all coordination issues and connection with our partners:




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