10 Reasons to buy by auction real estate



1. You have the perfect investment in an extremely profitable, always secure and increasing value of real estate making a real fortune in the future.


2. You purchase by auction a house for 50% under the open market value at the heart of Europe (saving of 50% of the purchasing price, at 100.000 EUR, - = 50.000 EUR).


3. You buy for a starting capital of 10.000 EUR a house with market value of 100.000 EUR (it will be 20% after you buy it for 50% of the market value - 50.000 EUR).


4. You get the rest of 80% of the purchasing price paid by the bank (at 50.000 EUR, - = 40.000 EUR).


5. You get 60% return on your own capital if you rent your house (rent for 500, 00 EUR per month - 6.000 EUR per annum. with own capital of 10.000 EUR).


6. You do not pay notary costs (saving of 1% of the purchasing price, at 50.000 EUR, - = 500, 00 EUR).


7. You do not pay estate agent commission (saving of 5% of the purchasing price, at 50.000 EUR, - = 2.975 EUR including VAT.).


8. You have your house for living, tenancy, holidays, business trips, stopover and long-term residence and short-term accommodation for you and your family in the centre of Europe (hotel accommodation from 80, 00 EUR -150, 00 EUR per day).


9. You have your house in or near Frankfurt am Main (one of the largest financial centers in Europe - The European Central Bank and The Frankfurt Stock Exchange- and soon the largest air transportation junction before London and Paris - construction of Terminal 3 at the Frankfurt Airport - with permanent demand for living space) up to 10 times cheaper than in London, Geneva or Paris.


10. You make a concrete capital because you get it very cheap (50% and less than the open market value), at best timing (the value of real estate is on its lowest point in the last 5-7 years), in an absolutely safe location (in Germany and directly from the local court) and with a permanently growing price for real property (according to specialists it will rise up to 25% - 30% in the next 3 years).