Safe & Easy

to buy by auction real estate in only




  • You search for objects according to your interest in our database by type, price and location and get the object description, preliminary calculation and financing scheme.
  • You select the objects of your interest and request detailed information through registration in our membership card system for requests on a regular basis or a one-time request formulary.
  • You pay a symbolic technical service charge to cover only the costs for collecting, processing and editing additional information.
  • You identify what objects you want to buy and go to STEP 2.




  • You contact INCOS customer service and indicate the objects of your interest at or in Germany.
  • INCOS customer service assistant gets in touch with you and you get the required consultancy free of charge at STEP 3.




  • You get consultancy free of charge regarding the legal procedures (auction terms, local court, legislation on foreigners, etc.), financing, and profitability of your investment as well as rent estimation and price comparison on the real estate market.
  • You get a descriptive framework of our two-fold assistance package.
  • According to your needs, you choose the assistance package you would like to have and go to STEP 4.




  • You receive from INCOS the comprehensive expertise report conducted by an independent engineering office appointed by the local court.
  • You fill in, print out, sign with a notary stamp and send back to INCOS the power of attorney form which is the legal agreement between you and INCOS to represent you in the local court and bid on you behalf (if you are not present in Germany).
  • You provide the deposit guarantee of 10% of the open market value required by the local court plus the service charge. You can do it by i) filling in, printing out and getting authorised from your bank the letter of credit form; ii) filling in the bank transfer form and transferring the deposit to the account of INCOS; iv) bringing cash to Germany and opening here a personal account..
  • Object visit before auction and appointment with financial adviser in Germany;
  • You or INCOS (depending on assistance package) goes to STEP 5.




  • INCOS bids according to your maximum bid limit stipulated in the power of attorney.
  • You get the award (announcement by judicial officer in the auction of transfer of property to the purchaser).
  • You pay the rest of the purchasing bid.
  • You are registered in the cadastral register as the new owner.
  • Nor it is your property.